The Hungarian Scientific Association for Transportation – in Hungarian Közlekedéstudományi Egyesület (KTE) – was founded in 1949 as a National Scientific Association.

The main goals of KTE are the publication of theoretical and experiential results of transportation sciences, thedevelopment of a transportation culture in Hungary and  the strengthening of national and international cooperation in the field of transportation.

To achieve these goals, Hungarian Scientific Association for Transportation organises professional conferences, meetings and negotiations.

The long-term history of transportation science in Hungary was demonstrated by the I. Hungarian National Technician Congress (I. Magyar Országos Technikus Kongresszus)  in 1896, or 10 years later by the I. Congress for Urban Engineers (Városi Mérnökök I. Kongressusa) having been organised prior to the foundation of the Hungarian Scientific Association for Transportation.


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The first conference of KTE was held in 1952 . The main topics of the conference was developing of roads and the possibilities of road construction with new technologies.

The Hungarian Road Conference (Útügyi Napok) has annually been organised since 1971. This conference has played several roles in Hungarian transportation community (i.e. debate of current questions in road network development and maintenance in Hungary, possibilities to make professional partnership between transportation experts) and all of them are important.

The host city of the International Road Conference has been traditionally Budapest. Participants of the conference come from over 15 countries of the world.

The Hungarian Scientific Association for Transportation is member of the European Platform of Transportation Sciences (EPTS) next to Transportation Associations from Germany, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Slovenia, Greece and Macedonia. The EPTS annually organizes a European Transport Congress (ETC).

These two important transportation conferences will be held together in this summer from 8-9th June in Budapest. The XV. European Transportation Congress and X. International Road Congress will be given a significant opportunity to make professional contacts among transportation scientists, academic researchers and heads of National and European Association managers.

We hope that the Conference will provide an opportunity for developing transpiration science and – based on our common values –  we can address the challenges of our time.

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